Who’s on Board

Together We Can is a community led initiative, supported by Cardinia Shire Council as the Backbone Organisation.   It has a "no logo - no ego" ethos where 'if we keep doing what we have always done, we will always get what we've got' - and that is alarmingly high rates of family violence in Cardinia Shire.

Together We Can demonstrates the collective effort of everyone within Cardinia Shire to build healthy and respectful relationships, intervene safely when violence against women or in families occurs, and to protect the rights of all residents to feel safe where they work, live, learn and play.

Community Ownership.  With the support of the Backbone Organisation (see below), leaders representing all community settings share equal responsibility, accountability, and success as they guide the community to stop, prevent and end family violence in Cardinia Shire1.  In 2018, the Together We Can Round Table was established to influence the planning and delivery of the initiative, building community momentum to meet the common agenda to 'stop, prevent and end family violence in Cardinia Shire.'   They operate with the following philosophies:

  • No logo – no ego – we have one shared agenda
  • We listen to the voices of children and people with a lived experience
  • All members are equally respected for their settings-based expertise
  • We are on a marathon, not a sprint and will create generational cultural change
  • Local resources support local solutions (human, in-kind, financial)
  • Financial savings to our economy is achievable and measurable
  • Innovation and best practice creates sustainable change
  • We succeed when we work together.

Members of the Round Table:

  • Cardinia Shire Council,
  • University of Melbourne,
  • Victoria Police (Pakenham Uniform Southern Metro Region),
  • Women's Health in the South East,
  • Star News Group,
  • Windermere,
  • Department of Education and Training,
  • Sikh Australian Support Family Violence,
  • Outlook Inc.,
  • Local Member of Parliament,
  • Youth Representation,
  • Aligned Leisure,
  • Women with a Lived Experience
  • Casey Cardinia Libraries
  • Cardinia Shire Councillors
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Cardinia Shire Council, alongside the community, is actively engaged in family violence prevention including White Ribbon Accreditation. Council has signed the Child Friendly Cities Charter and is committed to ensuring that children and young people have a strong voice and participation in this project.

Together We Can acknowledges Family Life as a founding partner for this initiative.  Family Life were the Backbone Organisation from 2015 to 2018 and supported the establishment of this Collective Impact initiative with their experience in the areas of family violence prevention, community development, community health and social work.

While bringing extensive experience to the project, both Family Life and Cardinia Shire Council value and place high importance on the expertise within the community towards achieving sustained community change.

The University of Melbourne has been engaged to form a strategic industry research partnership with Together We Can.  The Department of Social Work at the university will provide support and guidance for the evaluation of the project.

Current funding:

  • Victorian Government Free From Violence Strategy - 2017-2020.  Visit www.vic.gov.au/familyviolence for more information.
  • Cardinia Shire Council currently provides ongoing support to this initiative.
  • Significant in-kind support from partners, community and key stakeholders.

Previous government funding was received by:

  • Australian Government Department of Social Services - 2015 - 2017. Visit www.dss.gov.au for more information.

Together We Can has international support from the Tamarack Institute.