What is Together We Can?

Community action initiative slide

Given the increasing levels of family violence in Cardinia Shire, and the severely corrosive impact of family violence on children’s development, there is a strong sense of urgency for a game changing initiative.

Together We Can will address this complex and deeply entrenched social problem with sustained action led by all sectors of the community in tandem with government, business, philanthropy, community groups, community services and those with the lived experience of family violence.

Together We Can will:

  • Bring the community together to share information about what's going on in Cardinia Shire.
  • Lead and inspire all sectors of the Cardinia Shire community to align their efforts to address family violence;
  • Develop collaborative local initiatives for a Year of Action to achieve significant lasting change in our community
  • Encourage kitchen table, workplace, sports ground conversations towards zero tolerance, no bystanders and local solutions;
  • Empower the voices of children and young people to inform our vision, planning, solutions and outcomes.
  • Feed into national Objective Two of the Foundation to Prevent Violence against Women and their Children.

The intent will be to achieve new and lasting cross-community collaboration focused on outcomes for children and their families that will have long term sustainable impact on their safety, health, community connectedness, economic well-being and developmental potential.

Collective Impact is a model for long term real change. We believe the community’s shared responsibility for change is essential for a long term effort to reduce and prevent violence in Cardinia Shire.

For more information about Collective Impact click here.