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Alarmingly there are also high numbers of children that are witnessing this violence and as a result will experience long term emotional and psychological effects.

Research shows that these children are more vulnerable to health problems, behavioural and learning difficulties and an increased likelihood of developing mental health issues. Read more about the impact of Family Violence on children here.

Cardinia Shire Council, Family Life and The University of Melbourne came together to share their experience and knowledge and lead a collective approach to finding local solutions to local problems. For more information about who's on board click here.

We believe the community’s shared responsibility for change is essential for a long term effort to reduce and prevent violence in Cardinia Shire. Read more about this community action initiative here.

We want to build on the good work that already exists, strengthening community and building local resilience - to reduce entrenched violent behaviour and unacceptable social norms; increase safety and empower young people to be change agents in the community.

This 90sec video launched at the 2015 Child Aware Conference shares our vision and approach to drive community led change for a safer Cardinia Shire.