A Guide For Businesses

In April 2016, leaders from many different sectors of the community decided that businesses operating in and around Cardinia Shire would benefit in having a simple guide that would support them with their efforts to provide safe environments for staff who may be experiencing family violence.

Family violence is not just physical abuse.

Family violence includes sexual, emotional, verbal, financial, social, spiritual abuse - fear and intimidation. Essentially, it is when one person uses power and control over another person that removes their human right to feel safe at work, at home or in the community.

Employers are legally responsible for the health and wellbeing of their staff and when businesses work with the broader community our children will have a better future.

Violence always starts with disrespect.

To support your business, please use the following resources.

Download our Brochures, Fliers and Posters

Tip Sheet (A guide for Business)


Download our Brochures, Fliers and Posters

10 steps to get your business ready


Download our Brochures, Fliers and Posters

Fact Sheet: Domestic and family violence - a workplace issue, a discrimination issue